Seeds? traveled through time and space spreading stone cold funky jams to the masses in the hopes of strengthening the connection between everything and everyone. Take a ride on the radical side and help Seeds? defeat the Diabolical Lute Money and his plan for world unfunktification!


Seeds? is a sonic experience unlike any other, designed to pilot listeners on a journey through sound, color, and emotion to evoke a sense of inspiration within them. Blending elements of a variety of genres from Funk to Reggae to Lounge music, Seeds? brings a sound and vibration that is surprisingly unique and is truly recognizable amidst a sea of predictable electronic music. Seeds? employs live guitar embellished with a healthy dose of improvisation as a foundation for musical creation, so the approach used to manifest soundscapes is a bit more unique than the average musical architect. Live instrumentation is something Seeds? believes should be more sought after in electronic music, and is extremely underutilized in the electronic music side of the industry today.


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We Are Seeds?

The exact molecules that comprise us now comprised existence in the beginning

The Seeds of Creation!


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The messages behind the music of Seeds? are meant to inspire the listener to seek their individual calling in life, and not settle for anything less than their true potential as a human being. We are the only self-aware organism on this planet, so why believe we must settle for mundane tasks that inhibit creation and expression within us? We can work together to create a society that is no longer volatile when it comes to human potential, but instead, fosters it. We should create an environment that is truly conducive to creative expression and the celebration of individuality, color, and one’s own individual pursuit of happiness, and Seeds? believes positive music is the perfect foundation for a society of that nature.

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